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Belonging to the National Association of Reflexology provides you with:

  • National Advertising and promotional benefits
  • An active, hands on website, serving members and over 16,000 visitors per month
  • Client referrals: everyday every hour of the day. People are looking at the RAA web site for a near by reflexologist .
  • Your ability to keep your web site listing current by using ' Member Login'
  • An informative quarterly magazine-"Reflexology Across America" with your individual, state, national and international news.
  • A web site and magazine that will advertise your states associations events: meetings and classes.
  • A strong leadership voice within the national and international reflexology community
  • Discounted fees to the national conference. (visit: Events)
  • Several liability insurance companies offer discounts to RAA members (
  • Access to time sensitive issues, such as pending legislation, insurance acceptance and government reports ( visit: 'Reflexology Laws by State' (PDF) and other areas of the site.)
  • A unified affiliation of practitioners, state and national associations
  • by joining your state and national association you are joining the profession of reflexology in America.( visit: "Affiliate States" area of the site)
  • An informed voice who has been speaking on behalf of reflexology locally and nationally for years, to communities such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) including the National Center for Complementary Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).
  • Leadership/Organizational Development workshop has been taught around the U.S. for years. *concerns: There is no one interested in being on our state Board of Directors? There is no one who believes they are qualified?* - This workshop will assure members and give them the training to understand they *are* qualified to take a place on the Board and that they *will do a great job.* (for information how to bring this workshop to your state contact:


  • RAA membership is voluntary and open to all professional Reflexologists, Reflexology schools, Reflexology students, and others who wish to support the growth of Reflexology in America.
  • RAA members are a diverse population of Reflexology Professionals with integrity, honesty and dignity.
  • RAA endorses professional standards and ethics.
  • RAA members are well educated in our profession of Reflexology and insist on excellence in our field.
  • RAA is service oriented and dedicated to providing accurate, reliable information to the public
  • Reflexology is a non-invasive integrative complementary therapy that benefits all. Reflexology is a stand alone profession and that is recognized in 33 State Laws.
  • RAA members agree that Reflexology shall remain a separate field, with no control by any other profession or group.


For membership details and a printable application:

Checks returned will include an additional processing fee.
Credit Card reimbursement/refunds: will include a 20 % processing fee subtracted from the total payment.

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