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Standards and Ethics

The RAA Code of Ethics is a public statement of the common set of values and principles used to promote and maintain high standards of conduct within the practice of reflexology. The RAA Code of Ethics speaks directly to the relationship between reflexologists and their clients.

Reflexology Association of America Code of Ethics

As a member of the Reflexology Association of America, I pledge to maintain the highest standards of conduct while providing the highest quality of service possible.

As a RAA member:

  1. I recognize that the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and safe relationship with clients lies with me.
  2. I will work within the client's expressed level of comfort and pain tolerance.
  3. I will strive to serve the best interests of my clients at all times.
  4. I will conduct a thorough intake process for each client in order to rule out contraindications and to determine the appropriate session plan for my client.
  5. I will refer the client to a qualified health care professional should the client require services beyond my capability or outside the scope of bona fide credentials that I hold.
  6. I will provide a clean and safe environment in which all people are welcome, regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, marital status, physical build, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, political affiliation and/or economic status.
  7. I will uphold the client's right to privacy, and maintain confidentiality of all information and communication shared with me, within the limits of the law.
  8. I will respect my client's personal boundaries by refraining from behaviors that may be perceived as a violation of a physical, sexual, emotional, intellectual and/or energetic boundary.

The practice of strong ethics is essential to the reputation of the field of reflexology and the welfare of reflexology clients and practitioners of reflexology. The following is a statement of Standards of Practice expected of a member of the Reflexology Association of America.

Reflexology Association of America Standards of Practice

As a member of the Reflexology Association of America, I vow to uphold the highest standards of conduct as a reflexology practitioner and business professional.

As a RAA member:

  1. I accurately represent my competence, education and experience, and work within the scope of my practice by adhering to national, state, county and municipal laws.
  2. My services are designed to support the client and his/her health. My services are not a substitute for medical care, and the information that I provide is educational in intent, and not diagnostically prescriptive in nature. I do not diagnose, prescribe, make a prognosis or treat for illness.
  3. I prefer to utilize a solution-based model that shifts the focus from illness, dis-ease and problems to wellness, hope, and healing. The goal of a client-centered approach recognizes the client as a partner in their wellness plan and strives to provide resources, guidance, support and hands-on practices to anyone seeking such services.
  4. I agree to be prepared and on time for my clients; professional in my appearance, and clean and sober.
  5. I do not intentionally malign other healthcare professions or practitioners.
  6. I commit to truthful advertising and marketing, and agree not to use the RAA logo and/or membership or other intellectual property in any way that is unauthorized, improper or misleading.
  7. I willingly promote reflexology to clients, the public and other healthcare professions in an accurate and truthful manner without exaggeration.
  8. I commit to my own professional self-growth and continuing education.

Scope of Practice

Specific techniques and areas of application define the unique quality of reflexology as opposed to any other practice. The traditional practice of reflexology primarily focuses on the theory of reflex maps and their representation on the feet, hands and outer ears.

Reflexology as a manual practice consists of working with specific finger, thumb and hand techniques, applied to specific reflex areas to stimulate the complex neural pathways linking body systems, supporting the body's efforts to function optimally. Please refer here for the full definition.

Any breach in the Code of Ethics according to the Reflexology Association of America would be grounds for termination of official membership and all its benefits.

The Reflexology Association of American is a 501(c)6 non-profit professional organization.

Contact Information

Reflexology Association of America
1809 Rutledge Street
Madison WI 53704-5542
Phone: 608-571-5053

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